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Caring for Loved Ones Beyond

Coffins made of corrugated board offer a sustainable and affordable alternative that is biodegradable. It has been used widely in countries like Japan, Taiwan and Australia. There is a need for a new and improved design that enhances the functionality, durability and aesthetics of the corrugated board coffin. The exterior surface of the coffin comes with various designs and colors, using high-quality printing techniques with eco-friendly ink. The printed exterior surface adds a personal touch and allows for expression of individuality. The combination of these features makes it an ideal choice for those who wish to reduce their impact on the environment and make sustainable choices for end-of-life arrangements.

  • Is the corrugated board coffin customizable?
    We use the standard size and shape of the coffin that has been tested. However, we are able to customize the printing phases on the coffin (at least 1 day in advance).
  • Can I view samples of the coffins before making a decision?
    Yes, we can arrange for sample viewing of our corrugated board coffins upon request. Please reach out to our customer support at +65 6257 1122 for the sample viewing arrangement.
  • How do I order a corrugated board coffin?
    To order a corrugated board coffin, please contact our customer support at +65 6257 1122. We will guide you through the selection process and assist you in placing your order.
  • Is it manufactured in Singapore?
    Our corrugated board coffins are manufactured in Singapore.
  • Is the corrugated board coffin suitable for cremation?
    Yes, our corrugated board coffins are designed to burn completely during the cremation process. It has been tested and approved by NEA to be used for cremation.
  • Can I use the corrugated board coffin without embalming?
    Highly recommend to use only if there is embalmment. The smell will be too intense without embalming. Unless it will be sending straight for cremation.
  • Is the corrugated board coffin able to carry an adult weight and sturdy enough for a cremation?
    Yes, our corrugated board coffins are designed and tested to meet industry standards for cremation with a distributed loading weight up to 250kg for at least 7 days. The coffin is not advisable for burial.
Caring for Loved Ones Beyond
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