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Trio Packaging has been in the manufacturing of the corrugated carton boxes since 1977 and has served various industries sector for their packaging needs in the global and local market. Over the years, we have seen how the carton packaging has evolved and has become their packaging necessity for their businesses. As our material are recyclable and are agile in converting to different packaging design, many of our customer continue to seek ways to improve their packaging needs with our corrugated carton material and without generating much waste during the process of their packaging need.

Carton boxes has become one of the most important factor in ensuring sustainability in our packaging needs and ensuring that our product will not be harmful to the environment. Many business has started to move their packaging needs to carton material over the years as it is more affordable and yet still protecting their goods.

 Trio continuously look forward to improve ourselves and has grown over the past 40 over years in size as we take pride in the service and product we can provide to our customer. 

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