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 We are able to customize a diverse range of products and services, including Custom-Made Packaging, Printing, Die-Cutting, and Short Run orders. Our Services also include assembly, kitting, sorting and mounting jobs. We strive to provide a "One Stop" packaging solution to our clients by supplying pallet, foam, edge board protectors, single face rolls to complement our principle products. These products could also be customized to meet clients' specific requirements. 

TRIO 1.png

RSC Boxes

Most commonly used box designed for all sorts of common packaging. This form of design helps to pack goods for import and export goods and able to customize to the size of required packaging. 

Trio_Open Kraft Box.jpg

Die Cut Boxes 

Die-cut boxes are customized boxes, able to change the way the box is secured or packed. These boxes have the capability to secure without any glue or stitch as they can be secure by tucking into the box. Most commonly use for pizza boxes, gift boxes, shoe box etc.

Partition may be included inside the boxes to help secure goods and help with segregation of items as well. 

Screenshot 2019-02-19 at 13.45.06.png

Strong & Heavy Duty Boxes

Boxes of such has to be designed and customized as to what end users requires. Some of our design have the ability to withstand a few tonnage of stacking weight and will be able to unfold to be used at customer end thus saving a lot of space as it is flexible.

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